vrijdag 27 juni 2008

Send Jason Becker a birthday card !

On July 22 Jason will celebrate his 39th birthday. Let us all show our love, care, support and appreciation for Jason by sending him a personal birthday card. Send Jason whatever message you want to share; Jason will appreciate very much to hear from each and everyone of us !
You can send the card to the following address:
Jason Becker
P.O. Box 70513
Point Richmond, CA 94807

We would not be a good Charity if we would not take this opportunity to ask for a donation to Jason. So please, if you can put a dollar or two in the envelope, that would be very appreciated, since Jason really needs our financial support to make sure he gets the appropriate care.

Also, please spread this request as much as you can, post bulletins, send it to your friends, re-post it again, just do whatever you can so Jason will have a birthday he will never forget !

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