zondag 3 augustus 2008

Jason Becker Pedal tested by Rusty Cooley

For those of you who are still not subscribed to ProTones blog on the development of the JASON BECKER PERPETUAL BURN DISTORTION PEDAL, here is the latest news, quoted from Dennis of ProTone:

“Monday July 28th I spent much of the day with ubershredder Rusty Cooley testing the myriad of prototypes of Perpetual Burn pedals constructed in an attempt to nail Jason Becker's amp tone.

I've never really addressed the importance of having a player of Rusty's caliber test the pedal. It’s actually quite simple- most distortion pedals don’t hold up well to high speed picking. They tend to mush up, or blur and you lose the attack of each note. There are very few people on this planet that can do what Jason did, and very few that can do what Rusty does. So I figured if this design can hold up to Rusty's furious picking speed it could withstand anything.

The final prototype candidate, the design I was pretty sure would be 'the one'… was exactly that! It nailed everything we wanted and needed from it! The notes, even at hyper, speed jumped out the amp each one ringing as clearly as the next. Massive amounts of sustain, crushing Marshall-ish distortion… smooth and silky tube overdrive when you dial the gain back, totally un-pedal-like in every aspect.”

Check out the video that was shot during RUSTY COOLEY’S testing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M0eKCwnG8A

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