donderdag 9 oktober 2008

Bid on JASON BECKER Guitar Pick !

The auction that I have set up for Jason now has it's finest item up for bidding....... guess what ? It's an original JASON BECKER Guitar Pick. The 'pooping dog' artwork on the Pick was done by Jason's Father Gary. It's a real jewel for Jason's fans, so make sure to bid (Auction will expire October 17) !

Check it out here: , and don't forget to look for other GREAT auction items of the following artists: Paul Gilbert- Racer X- Ray Luzier (Korn)- David Lee Roth Band- Arch Enemy - Christopher Amott (Arch Enemy)- Mr Big- Joe Stump- Gus G- Howling Iguanas- Firewind- Marcel Coenen- Highway Chile- Craig Erickson- Tony Mills (TNT, Shy)- Shy- Ron Keel's K2.

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