donderdag 15 mei 2008

Jason Becker Charity banners available !

There are 2 banners available for the Jason Becker Charity; the message being “Time to payback Jason Becker”. These banners are made to promote the Jason Becker Charity, this Charity has the aim to collect as many donations as possible from Jason Becker fans all over the world. All donations are used to help Jason to improve his life !

You can help promoting the Jason Becker Charity by putting one of these banners on your website and/or your blog. There is a horizontal and a vertical version of the banner available.
When you put these on your site please link them to: or to .

It would be great if you would help us promoting our initiative; every bit of help is needed and appreciated !

You can pick the banners from the 'pics' section on my MySpace site ( or use the following URL's

URL Horizontal banner

URL Vertical banner:

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