zaterdag 24 mei 2008

Press in Aardschok Magazine

The Jason Becker Charity got some press in the leading Dutch Rockmagazine Aardschok. The article is in Dutch, so here's the English translation:
" reporter Ron Coolen has set up a Charity to raise money for Jason Becker, who suffers from a very serious disease for a long time. Coolen will run the New York Marathon in November in order to raise awareness for his Charity and to collect money for Becker.
In the meantime Coolen has found a range of famous musicians supporting his Charity with the likes of Billy Sheehan, Steve Stevens, Kip Winger, Tommy Denander and the guys from Raven. For more information on this Charity and on how to donate you can visit and".

The word gets out and that makes me proud !

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