donderdag 8 mei 2008

Message from Jason !

Jason posted following message on his MySpace blog, which is very interesting:

"Hey Guys and Girls,Ok, ok, I know I am a bunion licker. My "Jason Becker Collection" CD won't be out in May. D'oh! Dan my man, keeps getting great movie score gigs. We have finished two of three new songs, though, so I am betting on an August release. Hopefully, I am not full of crap this time (heh heh). Dan will probably hate me for giving another guess (sorry, Tweedle Dum). One new song has Steve Vai and Marty Friedman. I can't stop listening to it. They killed it. It is so great working with Marty again, and Steve, for the first time. The other version features Steve Hunter and Greg Howe, not to mention, me. They also kicked some furious ass. It ends with a beautiful choir.

The other new song has some brilliant playing by Joe Satriani and Michael Lee Firkins.

Are you tired of hearing the same stuff over and over yet? (ha ha)Marty Friedman just sent me his new CD called "Future Addict." Oh shit, I love it. The songs, production, musicians, singers, playing and tone are just awesome! He did new versions of the Cacophony songs, "Where My Fortune Lies" and "Burn the Ground." I think they are cooler than the originals. I suggest looking for it."

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